Our Fleet

Buffalo Airport Limo offers an extensive fleet of vehicles, granting you the opportunity to select from our exceptional and modern assortment of the latest limousine models. Our diverse range of vehicles ensures that you have a plethora of choices available to align with your distinct preferences and specific travel requirements. This expansive fleet guarantees that you will discover the ideal vehicle to seamlessly match your desired travel experience. Whether you prioritize elegance, comfort, or a distinctive style, our comprehensive fleet has been curated to not only fulfill but also surpass your expectations. Prepare to embark on a journey that is nothing short of extraordinary, as our fleet promises to transform your travel into an unforgettable and exceptional experience.


Lincoln Town Car


Escalade SUV


6 Passenger Stretch Limo


10 Passenger Stretch Limo


14 Passenger Stretch SUV


Buffalo Airport Limousine, renowned for its exceptional fleet, has meticulously tailored each vehicle to augment your travel experience. Beyond the standard features intrinsic to our vehicles, our esteemed fleet has been masterfully engineered to elevate your journey's convenience. This deliberate design integration encompasses a myriad of amenities that bestow upon you heightened flexibility and enhanced enjoyment during your travels. These inclusions provide you with the seamless capability to effortlessly delve into work-related tasks or leisure activities on your laptops, all while concurrently ensuring your phones remain charged. This astute provision empowers you to adeptly manage your devices' battery levels, ensuring optimal utility throughout the entirety of your trip. Furthermore, this astute utilization of onboard amenities affords you the means to conserve precious battery life for those instances when you're not actively on board a Buffalo Airport Limo. This strategic practice amplifies the efficiency of your devices, assuring you an uninterrupted and resourceful journey.

Within the realm of Buffalo Airport Limo, our unwavering dedication to your safety unfailingly stands at the forefront of our priorities. Guided by this unyielding commitment, our complete fleet boasts the integration of advanced global positioning systems (GPS) that epitomize technological excellence. These cutting-edge systems remain under the vigilant scrutiny of our dedicated dispatch team, who tirelessly toil around the clock to guarantee your security and provide you with unshakable peace of mind. This diligent team meticulously monitors critical variables, encompassing the vehicle's real-time location, velocity, projected arrival times, and any deviations from the customary route, which might encompass unplanned stops. This comprehensive and meticulous oversight structure has been painstakingly engineered to ensure that each and every esteemed guest reaches their intended destination enveloped in the highest echelons of security and punctuality. This steadfast adherence to our meticulously outlined schedule underpins our commitment to delivering a superlative experience. Your journey with Buffalo Airport Limo encapsulates not just comfort and convenience, but above all, an unwavering allegiance to safeguarding your well-being.

Call us at 416-619-0909 (Toronto, Canada) or 716-200-5455 (Buffalo, USA) or fill up the online inquiry form and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote and travel assistance.